Josh Withers

Creator of epic marriage ceremonies, based in Mexico and Australia through different wedding seasons

Josh Withers is known for his ability to create genuine and remarkable moments at wedding ceremonies. Josh is a forward-thinking wedding celebrant who puts his full heart and unshakeable passion into each ceremony. This helps to create a one-of-a-kind event that speaks to the remarkable love story of each couple.

Josh upends the conventional conception of a wedding officiant with the laid-back yet competent manner in which he conducts himself. Josh is your advocate if you defy categories in any way, whether you are a queer couple or simply a modern and open-minded duo. He is delighted to celebrate all forms of love. He is of the opinion that weddings need to be celebratory, open to everyone, and a true reflection of the couple. He is there not just to preside over the ceremony, but also to celebrate love in all of its guises and to assist you in writing your tale in the manner in which you see fit.

The inherent charisma and sense of humour that Josh possesses will guarantee that your big day is not only important but also full of laughter and pleasure for everyone involved. He has an uncanny ability to put everyone at ease and to weave personal anecdotes and common experiences into a ceremony that is not only moving but also entertaining and one that will be remembered for a long time.

Josh is not interested in the traditional script or the show of pomp and circumstance because he values sincerity above all else. He customises each ceremony with thoughtful deliberation, paying homage to your dreams and values as an individual, and ensuring that your nuptials are an authentic expression of the life you have built together as a couple. He brings a wealth of expertise to the table, as well as a dedication to the details, which ensures a ceremony that is as one-of-a-kind as your love.

You need not look any further than Josh Withers if you are searching for a celebrant who finds the ideal blend between sincerity and fun, custom and individuality. He is not simply a celebrant; rather, he is your co-creator in the process of fashioning a monumental occasion that will reverberate in your hearts for the rest of your lives. Josh takes immense satisfaction in the work that he performs, and it is undeniable that his enthusiasm radiates through each and every ceremony that he presides over.

Elliott Markwell
We eloped with Elopement Collective and it was far better than anything we had ever imagined!
Josh was an amazing celebrant and we couldn’t recommend him highly enough. He is the real deal- totally authentic and passionate about creating a ceremony for couples that is fundamentally them. Josh has such a natural way about his craft that it wasn’t until halfway through the ceremony that we realised “Wow this is really happening!” He maneuvered into our vows so effortlessly and genuinely, that we were so comfortable to be in the moment together.
Josh met with us prior to our event day and took the time to chat with us and find out about our love story and lives. It is evident in the way he talks about his beautiful wife and family that he values relationships and celebrating love. It was like having a well spoken mate officiate for us and his warm and calm presence added so much value to our experience.
Thanks so much Josh, if only we could elope twice!
PS. Cool hat.
Jason Sexton
Josh is awesome!
In the lead up, Josh's calls and the visit were helpful to guide us and reassure us!
Our guests enjoyed Josh's bubbly personality, and we really liked the more relaxed approach to the day.
Josh was our MC and it helped to keep things moving and guests being able to ask questions, liaise with the venue, etc. And not have someone else have to do this.
Josh is a great addition to your special day!
Kayla Boyd
When I first came across Josh on social media, I instantly knew this crazy, loud and passionate man would be my celebrant (even before I was engaged). I made an enquiry on Josh's services in the morning, and by midday, my fiancé and I met Josh at a local coffee shop to go over our wedding plans. Josh was so great at explaining why a celebrant is needed as my fiancé started with this question. The lead-up to the day was made a breeze with Josh handling all the required paperwork and discussing vows, etc, then the wedding day, the one day in the entire week that the heavens opened up and was non-stop raining. Josh was an absolute champ as our venue completed 2 ceremony location changes which resulted in a delay in our start time. Josh's words of encouragement "wet bride, lucky bride" in the actual sense, along with his passion, made our ceremony perfect. I would not hesitate in recommending Josh to any couple looking for someone who is genuine and cares about you.
We are just coming back to reality after a wonderful honeymoon in Tasmania. Our wedding was a perfect, relaxed, fun, and beautiful day from start to finish. We were so lucky to have great, genuine people like you helping us pull off exactly the day we had hoped for.
We loved your website, but it was still a little nerve-wracking putting our faith in someone we didn't know, to really understand us and to help us figure out the ceremony that would feel right - until we met you! From that first meeting, I was totally confident that you could help us pull it together and guide us through the process - and no matter how disorganised or last minute I felt, you were totally calm and relaxed. I think the most reassuring thing was that we felt like you got us, and meeting up to talk about the ceremony felt more like catching up with a mate than hard work!
Ricky & Amy
From the moment we met Josh we felt like he was just like a close friend who knew exactly what we wanted and was on the same page as us from the get go. We wanted someone who could easily adapt to the environment and atmosphere we had planned for our wedding and Josh did just that. He had a charm and great humour that kept us calm at our most nervous moments.
Andrew & Cassie's Brisbane wedding
When we first met Josh we knew that he would deliver the relaxed and snappy, but warm ceremony we were hoping for. He was always friendly and offered the ideas, inspiration and support that are so valuable when planning a wedding. Josh was happy for us to construct our own ceremony but delivered it in his own natural style which worked well. Our ceremony had the relaxed atmosphere we'd hoped for that set the tone for our reception with some guests commenting that it was refreshing to have a 'short and sweet' ceremony.
Jacqui and Ant
Josh's professionalism and his outlook on his career is truly incredible and inspiring. We obviously weren't very traditional and went for a beach wedding and all we wanted for our day was to be relaxed and fun and we can tell you - Josh is no boring wedding celebrant! He made everyone feel comfortable, he took the tension out of everything and as soon as I got to Antony we both just felt relaxed and were ready to get married.
Josh took a lot of weight off our shoulders. We had no idea what we wanted in a ceremony or how we wanted it to flow. All we knew for certain was we wanted everyone to have fun and just relax. Josh did exactly that! We had a meeting, spoke about each other and just from speaking with the two of us for an hour he created our whole ceremony and it was absolutely perfect. It suited the two of us perfectly! Josh definitely goes that extra mile to make sure your day is everything you hoped it would be and he does it so effortlessly.
Josh married my wife and I 10 years ago. I know you might be thinking, why wait 10 years to write a review. Firstly, I like to really test things before I write any review, that way you know I have given it every chance to be bad. And secondly, even now when I think of the day there isn't anything I would change. That is a big help to Josh. Nothing was normal, and that was the way we liked it. Josh questioned the traditions that we talked about and made us realise we were only doing them because we had seen it before. Not because we actually wanted it. Josh and Britt were professional and communicated well and all that other stuff you want. But they were different! which is why we liked them and why our wedding has stood out as being unique from the rest. So after 10 good years, thank you Josh!
Scott Borg
Josh is a fantastic celebrant for those you are after a ceremony that feels in a word, authentic. His attention to detail, humour and confidence were all amazing. Keeping the energy of the ceremony, adding a joke or two whilst still keeping it heartfelt and remaining professional at the same time. 
Despite us being in different states (Us in NSW, Josh in QLD, communication was easy and he was always available whenever we needed. 
If you're like us and wanted a wedding that felt personalised, fun and heartfelt all wrapped up in a seamless little bow, Josh is definitely the celebrant for you. 

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