Keryn Tippett

I'm a fun, modern Newcastle wedding celebrant in New South Wales

  • Meet Kez: a celebrant fuelled by too much coffee.

    I specialise in real weddings, beautiful sure, but also down to the nitty-gritty.

    Does your partner snore like a freight train?
    I will write about that.
    Can’t close a cupboard door or has a floor-drobe instead of a wardrobe?
    That will be in the ceremony.

    I’ve been a celebrant since 2009, so I know my stuff.
    I’ve seen just about everything that can happen at a wedding.
    I’ve dealt with everything that can throw a celebrant off their game. I’m experienced, never boring.
    No two ceremonies are the same.

    I love to be surprised and surprise others.

    I’ll work with you to create a ceremony that reflects your personality and has the right mix of sweet and funny.
    Most important of all, you are hitched in half an hour.
    Let’s get you married and get to the party!

    I live life on the nerdy side. I’m down for all things:
    • Star Wars
    • Harry Potter
    • Dr Who
    • Pokemon
    • Lord of The Rings
    • Stranger Things
    • Anything else you can binge.

    The best way to know if my vibe matches your tribe is to check out my Facebook, Instagram or TikTok. You’ll know in seconds if we’re a match.

    I’m not the kind of celebrant that makes the ceremony about them. It’s always your show, and I’m there for you.
    I know what my role is.
    I know the most important people in the whole shebang are you two.

    I’ll happily demand your guests ditch their phones and argue with any Aunties who think they’re the exception. Want a cracker of a confetti shot?
    Leave it to me. I’ll work with your photographer to make it happen.

    Leading up to your wedding, you’ll feel supported and in charge of your ceremony.

    I’ll marry whoever, wherever, whenever. Let’s chat about making something epic of your big day.

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