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It seems pretty obvious... Weddings should be good!

We gather at weddings to celebrate people we love making an incredible commitment… But it usually feels like (during the ceremony at least) people have gathered to listen to a stranger read a thing! A good wedding should be captivating, unmistakably about the couple and bring a smile to your face. If you happen to shed a tear, it’s because you’re emotional, not because you can't wait ‘til it's over!!!

It's the celebrant's job to make sure the wedding feels awesome…

not boring, not awkward, and not cheesy!

Bad weddings can be disjointed, irrelevant and unpleasant; perhaps you've been to one? You may have been uncomfortable, confused or cringing through the whole thing!

What’s terrifying and tragic is that bad weddings still happen… all the time!!
What makes a Ceremony great?!
Great weddings engage the couple and their guests right from the get-go.

No one gets bored because people are actually smiling... and crying (but not because they wish they were somewhere else!).

Great ceremonies are never monotonous or read (painfully) word after word because at great weddings the people are more important than the celebrant reading their thing.

There's eye contact at great weddings, a little laughter and a story or two. Ultimately the guests feel like they go on a journey with the couple. Because the ceremony was actually about them. Crazy right?!

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