Peter McConvill

Serving Victoria by listening, consulting and collaborating

I absolutely love my vocation as a Civil Celebrant!
Yet I also understand that a ceremony is never about the celebrant. That's because the only focus of the ceremony is on the couple - you.
It’s not often that we may need the services of a Civil Celebrant, so choosing the very best 'fit' for you and your particular requirements is not always an easy task. No doubt, you will want to appoint someone who engenders a very high degree of trust, comfort and confidence in their ability to best deliver your ceremony your way.
I see an important part of my work is to make sure the preparation process is as simple and stress-free as possible.
To that end, I am happy to offer you a free, confidential and no-obligation meeting – either in-person or online – to ensure that we are indeed a ‘perfect match’ to collaborate together to create your ideal ceremony.
To further make choosing your ideal celebrant a breeze, I offer a suite of popular fixed-price package deals to accommodate most tastes and budgets.
Plus, the quality of my services is fully and absolutely guaranteed in writing!
Whilst based in central Victoria, I am qualified, willing and able to perform ceremonies right across Australia.
After perhaps talking with your short-listed candidates, I encourage you to choose very carefully, and to decide with your heart as well as with your head.
So, why should you consider me?
Well, there are many celebrants out there, each with different personalities and offering varying levels of experience, training, professional development, creativity, professionalism and commitment.
A journeyman celebrant will likely perform a standard job of producing a workmanlike ceremony and also, in the case of weddings, attending to the necessary legal processes.
Yet for most people, arranging any kind of ceremony can be quite a nerve-wracking experience, not least because it may include discussing quite personal aspects of your life.
After all, your ceremony represents a Rite of Passage of great significance to you – and there’s only one chance to get it right on the day!
That’s why you need (and you really deserve) a great celebrant.
In reality, there are vast differences between a ‘good’ Civil Celebrant and a ‘great’ one.
I bring a unique blend of personal and professional attributes, skills and experience to my Civil Celebrancy vocation.
I take great pride in offering you guaranteed quality standards for creating and delivering the ideal ceremony that is exactly what you want.
Your celebrant’s role is to be authentic, engaging and perform in the style of your choosing to bring your wishes to life on The Big Day.
But don’t take my word for it! My couples have published various glowing comments including... “relaxed, good humoured atmosphere”, “put our minds at ease”, “genuinely took time to get to know our story”, “very personable”, “delivery was completely spot on”, “generous with meeting times and attention to detail”, “cool-headed approach”, “prices are extremely fair”.
In fact, each and every review rates my services as five-stars. 100% of reviewers said they would recommend me and rated their level of satisfaction as “extremely happy”.
Away from the office, I am a Japanophile, dog lover, connoisseur of kitch and a sushi aficionado who married very, very well. And just for the record, I happen to be fully vaccinated!
Only a five-star celebrant will best deliver a five-star ceremony...
a friendly guide, trustworthy advisor and informed facilitator
creating unique ceremonies with sensitivity and professionalism
by listening, consulting and collaborating

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