Sally Bruce

Non-traditional ceremonies for Perth lovers who love the planet

Hey! I’m Sally Bruce, the Celebrant for lovers who love the planet. I marry couples in non-traditional ceremonies on Whadjuk Nyoongar Country, (Perth, Western Australia).

By 'non-traditional' ceremonies, I don't mean ignoring any important cultural or family traditions that make you feel glowy when you imagine including them in your marriage ceremony.

But somewhere along the way, society equated 'getting married' with 'having a wedding'... and a whole heap of expectations and cookie-cutter weddings came along with that.​

I'm a Celebrant who is here to question all those expectations. If you're questioning them too, I'm so glad you found me!

I don’t believe the hype that planning a wedding should be stressful - and outdated tropes like 'bridezillas' need to go.

I know from working with my couples that getting married can be easy, fun, and stress-free.

As an Elopement Specialist Celebrant I love helping couples who want the marriage without 'the wedding', but are looking for something more special and personalised than the Registry Office.

Some of my couples want the relaxed and informal vibes of an elopement, and to make their own traditions, AND have all of their best people there - and that's who my Wedding Package is for.

​I believe in taking care of our Earth, and that planning an Elopement or Wedding gives couples enormous consumer power to make choices that help, rather than harm, our planet.

Instead of single-use stuff and outdated traditions, we'll use meaningful words to personalise your wedding - and I'll help you write your own vows!

About you

You are driven by love – love for your person, and love for our planet.​

You want a ceremony that is authentically you, not a cookie-cutter rah-rah affair that is about what other people expect.

You love connecting with your clan - people who share your values.

​You want your celebration to reflect the way you live your life, treading lightly on our planet – and maybe even leaving it a little better.

You want to be guided and supported through the process by an empathetic, super-organised person who makes the whole process simple, easy and FUN!

About my business

My business has the three core values of Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share. If this resonates with the two of you then I can't wait to meet you!

I make considered and careful choices in every aspect of my business, from the recycled paper your legal documents are printed on, the refillable pen you sign your marriage paperwork with, and even the second-hand outfit, cruelty-free makeup and solar-powered watch that I wear to your ceremony!

I have strong focus on local couples to minimise travel, have meetings at local cafes with a sustainable ethos, and drive a carbon-offset hybrid vehicle. In honour of the couples I marry, I donate to Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Rescue (fun fact: black cockatoos also mate for life).

​I support my couples to question everything we’ve been told a wedding ‘should’ be and only include the elements that light them up, saving a lot of waste - and stress!

Getting married isn't a performance. It's a rite of passage. Choose the people who guide you through it wisely.

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