Sally-Ann Thomas

Witty and romantic wedding ceremonies in South East Queensland

The first step in every wedding planning journey starts with... WFT do I do first?

Nothing brings out the opinions of well meaning family and friends like a wedding... well... except maybe when you start a family, but that's a whole other Pandora's Box.
Deep down you've got a pretty good idea of what you want and it may not be exactly the same as your sister's best friend's cousin's neighbour did at their wedding last year.
Even if Aunty Joyce says you have to carry something blue, mum insists that all brides wear a veil, dad wants to "give you away", your colleague had a sand ceremony or worse, nanna wants to play "here comes the bride" on her piano accordion...................
Not all of these ideas may align with your vision.

There's a good chance I've been to more weddings than any of your well meaning friends and relatives. I can put everyone's ideas through the filter of my experience. My job is to listen to what you have to say, get to know you and help flesh out your good ideas into a meaningful, well crafted celebration.

I will guide you effortless from first contact to OMG we did it! with wit, wisdom, calm and confidence; so......

So let me tell your story
Let me get to know
The secrets of your hearts and minds
What made your true love grow?
We can shout it from the rooftops
or just whisper to a few
But the memories we make this day
will be uniquely you.
I'll weave my wordsmith magic
around your special day
As we tell the world your story
with the words you want to say.

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