Victoria Eustace

Modern, relaxed, inclusive. Sydney/Blue Mountains/Orange NSW

I'm Victoria, a NZ ex-pat with a penchant for rescuing greyhounds and a deep love of going to bed early. My business - All We Need Is Love - has been in existence since late 2003. After living in Camperdown for about a decade, and loving it, 2022 saw my family and I make the move up to the Blue Mountains for a tree change and it's been the best thing we could have possibly done for all of us. My kid has a swing, my greyhound has her own queen bed, my husband has an office and I have multiple couches from which to run All We Need Is Love - we are so incredibly lucky to be here.

So how did All We Need Is Love get started? I moved to Australia 20 years ago with the intent of moving somewhere else after a year or two, but that damn Harbour Bridge really got me with it's sweet curves and so I am still here. After a couple of beers at The Old Fitz and an excited chat with my best mates who had just gotten engaged at the time, it was decided I'd get qualified to marry them - 10 years later I am still waiting for them to set a date! I cut my teeth on another friend's wedding however and haven't looked back. Modern, inclusive celebrants were few and far between back then and I'm proud to be one of the forerunners in the wedding industry's ongoing evolution. Being able to bring to fruition my couples vaguest thoughts on what their wedding ceremony is going to be is one of my biggest joys in life, as is still surprising everyone with how funny, meaningful and personal a ceremony can be. It's also very important to me that All We Need Is Love is an ally of the LGBTIQ+ and First Nations communities. My values are reflected back in the couples that book me - something I'm so thankful.

When it comes to my ceremonies - they are frequently described as relaxed yet meaningful; fun yet authentic. Laughter and tears come naturally, nothing is forced and I work closely with my couples to make sure they feel comfortable and properly represented. The people I marry range from high school sweet hearts to second time round-ers; successful swipes to the right to work place romances and everything in between. Their weddings can be anything from a 250 person love fest to a paperwork signing at the kitchen table. I love a big wedding - it's a chance to make your communities feel seen and appreciated and there is nothing better than a massive party with your best people! COVID has seen more and more micro-weddings and proper, two person elopements emerge however and they are just magical. Basically, I really like marrying people. It's good, ask me to do it!

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