Keryl Fedrick

Confident, funny, generous, bespoke, Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley wedding celebrant.

With her striking 1950's frocks and beautifully crafted words, Keryl, The Retro Celebrant is revered for her humour and tenderness.

By day she works in the legal profession, but outside of that she loves being cupid. She simply loves love, and it shows.

Becoming a celebrant, was and is a calling for Keryl. Her life passion is to create fun and memorable ceremonies.

As genuine as they come, Keryl dons 1950's designer frocks and hairdos every day, simply because they make people happy. She's the kind of soul that makes everyone smile when she walks into a room.

Forget scripted, stuffy ceremonies. Expect laughter, tears and often goosebumps. The Retro Celebrant has a unique way of making everyone feel comfortable with emotion.
She instinctively understands when to step in and when to step back in a ceremony. While she believes many of the best moments in life are unscripted, she knows that nerves are best calmed with a solid plan.

There are no cut-and-paste jobs here, she designs and personalises each ceremony around the couple. Many comment: " I was surprised to learn that Keryl was not family".
A breath of fresh air, a confident and capable communicator, a generous heart full of love, wrapped up in a stylish 1950s box.

The Retro Celebrant is a treasured gift to receive on your special day.

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