Mona Chung-Chao

Interviewing you 2, family & friends to create YOUR wedding.

By interviewing you two, your family & friends, I craft and present a ceremony that is uniquely yours. Filled with laughter and often happy tears, my approach is a warm, informal affair. My most often & favourite feedback is "I laughed & cried so hard - I don't even know the couple - I'm the plus one!"

Leaving you two to just concentrate on remembering the moment, I will guide you through the process, from reminding you to breath, to positioning your bridal party (kids & dogs butt swivel included) for the perfect photo, reminding you to hold hands or slow down to take it in - no detail forgotten to create a memorable wedding ceremony. You won't even notice me doing it but photographers & videographers sure do as I get most of my referrals from them.

I will look after not just you two but all your loved ones because they are important to you.

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