Sue Lush-Saunders

Relaxed, vibrant, fun & easy-going, Hobart-based Tasmanian Wedding Celebrant.

Hi there lovers!

Welcome to the world of marriages, elopements, and celebrant 'ing according to Sue, Miss Sue, Susan, Sis, Scarlet, Saucy Sue and Spoon... they're all me and I can't wait to meet the two of you!

I believe marriage ceremonies are a special and meaningful moment in people's lives, and I'll be forever grateful that I'm able to help you make those moments unforgettable for you and your loved ones.

I'll see you as a couple and as individuals, I'll notice your nonverbal affection, energy exchange and soul connection. With me as your relaxed trusty companion and totally organised professional +1, I’ll warmly and expertly draw out your narrative, ultimately creating your dream ceremony which will be as distinctive as your love story and one that speaks to your values, dreams, and unique personalities.

If you decide you'd like to do something different and creative... count me in... "I LOVE different"!

My philosophy of "life and love"… to love is to celebrate the power of love, no matter what form it may take, love is love, and it deserves to be celebrated with joy and inclusiveness...

...especially in the natural beauty and wonder of Tasmania!!!

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