How to select a wedding celebrant

Over 85% of the couples getting married in Australia today opt for a civil, non-religious, marriage celebrant (an Australian term for wedding officiant). Here's some tips on choosing the right celebrant for your wedding.

When choosing a civil wedding celebrant, there are several factors to consider. These factors include:

  1. Experience and qualifications: Choose a celebrant who has experience officiating weddings and has a relevant qualification, such as a Certificate IV in Celebrancy. The public speaking and commanding a crowd aspects of a marriage ceremony require high levels of performance competence and professional experience.

  2. Reputation and reviews: Look for a celebrant with a good reputation and positive reviews from happy couples. This can give you an idea of their level of professionalism and customer satisfaction. On this directory couples can leave comments on their celebrant, read those reviews to listen to real wedding stories.

  3. Personalised and tailored ceremonies: Choose a celebrant who offers personalised, honest, human and tailored ceremonies that reflect the couple's unique love story, world view and preferences.

  4. Flexibility and adaptability: Choose a celebrant who is flexible and adaptable, and can handle last-minute changes or unexpected situations. A popular oxymoron is wedding planner, because the best-laid wedding plans almost never come to pass as they were written down.

  5. Professionalism and reliability: Choose a celebrant who is professional and reliable, and can be trusted to deliver a high-quality ceremony on the day. In the end you need to trust your celebrant without question.

Overall, when choosing a civil wedding celebrant, look for someone who is experienced, qualified, and reputable, and who offers personalized and tailored ceremonies that reflect the couple's unique love story.

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