What does a celebrant actually do?

For the record, I think the word celebrancy is weird, odd, and not quite descriptive of what we do.

A celebrant must be an amazing speaker

I spend a lot of time thinking about the art of wedding ceremony. What it takes for a wedding celebrant to create an epic ceremony.

Top 10 old & popular wedding regions

Over the past few decades a number of Australian regions have been popular for weddings. But will they reign in the future?

What to consider when choosing a celebrant

Six tips on choosing the right wedding celebrant without regrets

Explaining the Marriage Act

Since 1961 marriage in Australia has been governed by the Marriage Act of 1961 legislation, let us explain it a little deeper.

Wedding reading: Love is an adventure

A wedding reading for an adventurous couple, by Josh Withers

How to select a wedding celebrant

Over 85% of the couples getting married in Australia today opt for a civil, non-religious, marriage celebrant (an Australian term for wedding officiant). Here's some tips on choosing the right celebrant for your wedding.

What does a celebrant cost?

Like all professionals and service providers, the cost of a wedding celebrant's fees vary from region to region, and different celebrants have different offerings and packages.

Difference between a celebrant & a minister

With over 85% of weddings in Australia today solemnised by an authorised civil marriage celebrant, what is the difference between a religious minister and a civil celebrant?

Original wedding reading: So pure and true

An original sweet wedding reading for a civil marriage ceremony

Tips on choosing a great wedding celebrant

Here's a few tips on choosing a really good wedding celebrant and getting the best out of them.