Original wedding reading: So pure and true

An original sweet wedding reading for a civil marriage ceremony

In this moment, so pure and true

Two hearts beating as one,
A love that has just begun,
A bond that will never be undone,
Together forever, under the sun.

In this moment, so pure and true,
We promise to love and honour, me and you,
Through the highs and the lows,
We will weather any storm that blows.

With this ring, a symbol of our love,
We seal our vows and join as one,
A journey together, hand in hand,
As we embark on a new and exciting plan.

So here we stand, in front of all,
To declare our love, once and for all,
And with each passing day,
We will cherish and love in every single way.

Christine Eddes
Love this poem, would love to be able to use it, do we know the authors name?
Josh Withers
Hi Christine, it was written by a computer, so feel free to use as you like.

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